Q. What is the application fee for SC/OBC/Residence Certificate?
There is no fee for getting any kind of certificate.

Q. Where are the forms for sound permission available?
A. The forms for the Sound Permissions are available at Sampark Centre.

Q. Is it compulsory to attach ground permission, to get the Sound Permission?
Yes, It is necessary to obtain ground permission from the MC/Estate office for to use amplifiers/loudspeakers.

Q. What is the income limit for obtaining the OBC Certificate.?
The income limit for getting OBC Certificate is Rs. 6.00 lacs.

Q. What kind of residence proofs are acceptable with the documents for obtaining various certificates?
Voter Identity card, Ration card, Aadhar card etc.

Q. From how many gazetted officers caste should be verified in case of OBC Certificate?
It should be verified by at least two gazetted officers.

Q. Where the court fee stamp is available?
It is available with the stamp vendor sitting in front of SDM(S) office.

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